We Are Creative Nerds & Technology Artists

we love to create new ventures, driven by cutting-edge science and technology, shaped by our artistic designer avataar...striving to change/move the world towards a cleaner sustainable future...

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ideas fuel us...we are constantly ideating on finding newer business models, and iterating towards a cleaner energy future


we are continually developing new & exciting innovative technology applications & software driven by Artificial Intelligence


we are creating new ventures to expedite the adoption of clean energy technologies and products...one venture at a time

blueseed ventures

we have been instrumental in creating, shaping and growing multiple startups...one startup at a time...

energy start-ups

our clean energy startups include energy efficiency services firm in the Bay Area, acquiring and business development for a energy SaaS venture in California, and new market entry for a global solar PV manufacturer

hats worn

when you are building a start-up you are wearing a number of hats (or whatever fits on the head) to grow and build the venture...we have been leveraging our super-handy multi-disciplinary experiences and training across technology, business & design disciplines...

YOLO mantra

you only live once (unless you follow that Bond theme song...)...and we believe in creating enthusiastically - making the most of our time, driven by that mantra...come join our team if you live by the same

Start-up Stories

we have stories...not all successful (and we are fine with that! "each failure is a stepping stone to success"...cliche'd but true!), nor do we claim to have created a bunch of Unicorns (not yet)...but we have stories of starting and building businesses...that we would love to share over a coffee... write to us at CoffeeStories@blueseedventures.com